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Activities to Stimulate Children When Schools Close

Brenda Mahler
6 min readMar 19, 2020


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Letter Writing

Writing letters is a perfect skill to communicate with others, practice writing skills, and spread joy. It is a lost art for the younger generation that can still have immense value. Educational: Teach letter format and proper etiquette of written communication.

  • Encourage children to write letters to grandparents or other individuals who may not have access to the internet. Elderly people are feeling isolated because of the requirements of social distancing.
  • Write a letter to a penpal to make a new friend, learn about other customs, and practice writing skills. PenPal World offers free and easy access to find a penpal. Other website sponsor penpals and can be discovered with a simple search.
  • Write a letter to your teacher and share what you are doing will on break from school. They can be mailed to the schools and teachers will get the letters when they return.

Write a Story — Let it grow into a Book

Provide paper, writing utensils and a little support and teenagers will be lost for hours in the process of creating. It is a false statement that kids do not like writing. Yes, some do but over the years, as a writing teacher, I’ve discovered they enjoy developing and telling stories. Depending on the age, the adults expectations should vary. Each day add a chapter or another short story. Some kids might even enjoy exploring publication opportunities. S.E. Hinton was 16 when she wrote The Outsiders.

  • Young children will write words the way they sound. Do not pressure them to use correct writing, simply allow them to explore language. Most love to add pictures and when their masterpiece is done they can read it aloud, call (Skype) a friend and read it to them, or mail it in a letter. Stamps can be ordered through the mail carrier and delivered to mailboxes.
  • As kids get older, they can develop their stories with details. At this point, let the words flow and…



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