Schools Need Leaders Who Make Thoughtful Decisions

Indecision paralyzes society while restricting opportunities

Brenda Mahler
3 min readAug 20, 2020


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American schools are more than institutions; they represent a way of life. They support daily survival for many children and provide a lifeline to a better future for all.

As with any institution, individuals group together to support the whole, each fulfilling different responsibilities. Teachers strive on the production line to turn out responsible, educated students who become functioning citizens.

Unfortunately, teachers are being emotionally ripped apart in their attempts to do their jobs. As teachers strive to meet the needs of students, we simultaneously are expected to satisfy the various desires of stakeholders.

Current events prompt memories of the Bible story when King Solomon ordered an infant be cut in half. Since the king didn’t know which of two women spoke the truth when both claimed to be the mother of a baby, his solution was to split it between the two.

In an effort to appease everyone, public education is failing.

Following hours of meetings collecting input, school districts are arriving at different conclusions to begin the school year. They considered multiple possibilities resulting in various solutions.

1. A small private Christian school plans to open the building with new COVID-19 guidelines. Several parents withdrew their children due to health concerns.

2. One district postponed opening until after Labor Day and then plans to reassess the situation. Parents expressed anger about the unknown.

3. When a district announced their decision to open schools using virtual classrooms, parents rebelled with complaints such as students will not get an appropriate education and the system poses a hardship for working parents.

4. And yet, another district will offer parents’ choices, attending in-person or on-line, but placed a stipulation that whatever the family chooses must be maintained until a natural track break. The complaints were endless.

Politicians are arguing; scientists are issuing contradicting expectations; doctors proclaim differing beliefs; all offering…



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